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My name is Bethany.  I am a government attorney who loves to go undercover as a party planner.  I have known since I was the ripe old age of 9 that I wanted to be an attorney that worked on behalf of children.  I now work prosecuting people who abuse or exploit children and I love my job.  While I enjoy my job & find it incredibly rewarding, it does not quite give me a creative outlet.  While there are some grey areas in the law, I would not say there are any colorful ones.

Along with a little case law, another thing I learned in law school was that I loved theme parties.  Planning them, throwing them, attending them, you get the idea.  I found an amazing group of friends & we survived the stress of studying by having theme parties as often as we could.  There were 80's parties, tailgate parties, casino nights, fiestas, luaus, dinner parties, Halloween parties...anything we could celebrate, we were all over it.  Once we graduated & got real jobs, it was a little harder to have our parties.  Luckily, a couple of years ago, my husband & I had our first little girl & then the idea of theme parties went into complete overhaul.  I realized that kid's birthday theme parties pretty much made me ecstatically happy.

Our two little girls have not only given us more happiness than we ever could have imagined, they have also given me a new creative outlet.  I grew up with all boys, so I was so excited when I found out we were having a little girl.  When planning her nursery, I knew I wanted her nursery to be unique, with elements that we did ourselves.  So that's what we did.  Then when we were blessed with a second little girl in 2014, I knew I wanted another DIY nursey.

I love getting ideas from Pinterest & other blogs.  While browsing for ideas, I thought, why not share mine too & hope someone is interested?  This blog has a lot of DIY decorating & party throwing mixed in with a lot of love & family.  I'm no expert, not even close, & I don't take myself very seriously.  I am just a girl on a budget who loves to decorate & throw parties.  If these are things you enjoy to, I hope you enjoy your visit here & come back often.  Thank you for checking out my blog & for going on this journey with Manic Mama Miles.

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