Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wild About Peyton Food

 Since I couldn't come up with a main dish that was safari themed for the Wild About Peyton party, we had a bunch of pizzas. Then we had the main table as a sweets table, along with a smaller table in the kitchen as another snack table.
 We had chocolate & cookies & cream mini cupcakes with marshmallow animals on top from Oriental Trading. In front of the cupcake tower were some cookies that looked sort of zebra print. 
 These zebra cakes are what actually started my thoughts for this party. Yeah, I'm that dedicated to the deliciousness of Little Debbie. 

For the cake, we had a regular chocolate cake with chocolate pirouettes put around the edges like fencing. The little animal candles came from Party City.  
 The trio of brownies were so yummy & included regular, cream cheese & turtle brownies. 

 Who knew they made twinkies that looked like this? The swirls reminded me of animal prints, so these came home with me from Walmart. 

 We had another snacks table in the kitchen with the pizza. There we had chips, popcorn, cheetos & some fruit. 
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Wild About Peyton party

Wild About Peyton

 For Peyton's 2nd birthday, we had a safari themed party. Peyton loves animals, so it was a perfect theme for her. The theme was gold, wooden & animal print. Since her birthday is in the dead heat of summer, we had kiddie pools, slip & slides & sprinklers set up outside. 
 The main table was a sweets table with some delicious sweet treats. 
 The backdrop is a gold tablecloth with jungle garland from Oriental Trading. To make the banner, I used my circle cutter & then my scalloped press around the edges. For the letters, I had foam animal print sheets from Oriental Trading. I used my cricut to cut out the letters for the banner. 
I have several crates around, so I used those on the table, as well as an elephant & giraffe that I bought from a girl off of Facebook for $10. They were a big hit with the girls & were perfect for the party.  
I bought the cheetah tablecloth at Hobby Lobby & the gold tableskirt from Party City. 

 I also bought these jungle leafs from Oriental trading. I used them to showcase some of our favorite pictures of Baby P from her 2nd year. These two painting have been in the playroom since I found them at a thrift store when Addy was a baby. I ordered the safari hats, binoculars & little animal print cars from Oriental trading. The kids loved playing with the cars & getting in with the theme of the party by dressing up. 

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Wild About Peyton Food

Friday, January 27, 2017

Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Party Food

For Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday party, naturally we had to have some Frozen themed foods. 
 For the food cards, I used glitter cardstock & some labels I found on Pinterest. I stuck the food cards in white Styrofoam "snowballs". I shaved the bottom of the ball flat & then made a slit to fit the food cards in. 

We had powdered donut trees on each side of the cake. The trees were made out of Styrofoam cones, covered in tinfoil & then the donuts were stuck in with toothpicks.  
For the cake, I just made a round cake with Aqua Funfetti icing & silver sprinkles. Then I just decorated with rock candy, a number 4, & some of the Frozen gang. 
The "Frost Bites" were marshmallows dipped in blue icing & rolled in silver sprinkles.  I was lucky that Funfetti began making colored icing before this party because I used the heck out of the aqua icing.  
We had "snowballs" (white cheddar cheeseballs) & "Olaf's arms" (pretzel sticks).  
We enjoyed "Frozen Hearts" (strawberries)
"We finish each other's Sandwiches" (ham & cheese sandwiches with the snowflake cookie cutter)

"Kristoff"s Krispies" (rice krispie treats dipped in the aqua Funfetti icing & rolled in silver sprinkles).

We had "Sven Snacks", "Olaf's Buttons" & "Olaf's Noses" 

For cupcakes, I made Aqua Funfetti cupcakes with Aqua Funfetti icing. I found some sugared snowflakes at Party City & just added them to the cupcakes. 

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Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday
Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Decorations
Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Food
Movie Clapboard for Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday
Marquee Sign for Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday